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What is electromagnetic radiation?

All smart electronic devices such as wi-fi routers, phones, tablets and all the rest that
connect via wi-fi technology are emitting waves also known as electromagnetic radiation
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation_and_health) All these devices emit this
radiation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and has influence to all physical bodies around it,
including us too. Very similar technology is used in Microwave ovens, only the intensity is
higher, so as soon as we put food inside the oven and turn the timer on these waves starts
bombarding each organic sell that is inside the oven. This process is also called thermic heating.
All electromagnetic devices use similar technology to communicate with each other. Laptops
with WI-FI routers, mobile phones with radio towers. When our body is between these
transmitters, the closer we are to the source the higher is danger to be affected by these

About us

During a long period researching our environment i.e.  (where we spend most of our time, home, work, places of interest, restaurants, bars, supermarkets etc.) we collected and analyzed a lot of data from scientific articles, expert opinions and together with our own research we came to the conclusion that certain devices we ‘take for granted’ and use daily to ‘enhance and improve’ our life’s are not as safe as we think! We therefore decided to create a company with the aim to raise awareness and provide a range of products that would shield and protect us.

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, this alleged ‘silent killer’ surrounds us. It is reasonable and probable to say our bodies are been exposed and polluted by this radiation most of the time.

We have become so dependent of this technology that we cannot and dare not imagine our lives without it.

Although there is a lot of articles from scientists that warn about the dangers of technologies that emit electromagnetic radiation, people are still ignoring these warnings. Those most at risk are small children whose bodies are still growing, especially as they spend most of their time at home. The risk to our children was decisive in motivating us to develop products that would create a shield that would protect us from electromagnetic radiation.

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How it works?

All EFShield’s products are based on the laws of physics i.e. all electromagnetic radiation is redirected to opposite sides of the source (mirror effect). All our products have a special layer which doesn’t allow electromagnetic radiation to pass through. This creates a shield which blocks dangerous radiation thus creating a safe zone.





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